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Sunrise Runs

This is the desert, the beautiful landscape that I now call home, one of wonder and surprise yet full of a charm like no other. The sweet stillness of its mornings chilling amidst the backdrop of an occassional howl from a lone coyote, song of a lonesome bird, and sunrise painted in the morning sky. Harsh on its exterior yet a gentle interior, a place for the soul to come alive.

Nothing beats a desert sunrise run! As the earth awakens from another night’s sleep, quietness prevails for just a bit longer as the sun finds it’s way up into the sky. The cooler temperatures and early daylight hours allow a small window of time for a comfortable training run. On this day, the trails took me on a journey, one of discovery and adventure of all things new. It was the first time venturing out in this back country, so along the way, I mindfully savored all the sights, sounds, smells, and feels of the desert all around me.

It’s been a minute since I’ve been back on the blog. This summer has been full of travel and all things new as we trekked across country to our new home in the Mojave Desert. Much different than the lush green landscape of the northeast we became accustomed to over the past year, this new locale offers a vast openness of boldly beautiful skies, mysterious yet magical at the same time.

The desert climate can make running challenging, but keeping to a schedule of early morning runs in this sometimes harsh environment has proven to be the best way to stay cool and comfortable. So, where ever you find yourself running this summer, try to beat the heat by either running in the early morning hours of the day or whenever is coolest in your location. Be sure to re-hydrate and re-fuel wisely to keep in your best running shape for any fall races you may have planned!

~ Happy Trails ~


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