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Seasonal Transition: It’s SPRING!

While we‘ve still had days on the cooler side here in the northeast over the past few weeks, and yes, some snow showers to go along with those lingering cold temperatures, we’ve also been witness to another beautiful transition of seasons. Newly blossoming trees and flowers abound painting the landscape of our llittle town in a beautiful array of brightness. Even my favorite park has now awakened with so much life, and this park shines in all her glory of spring color even on the cloudiest and coolest of spring days. On this day, although it was cool outside, the sun offered some warmth under blue skies and fluffy white clouds amidst a backdrop of pink, white, and muted reds of cherry blossom blooms. A bike ride around the park and a pause to give Old Glory an evening salute offered a nearly perfect end to this spring day.

What‘s the weather like where you live? Are you noticing the signs of the transition of seasons yet? Wherever you live now, take some time to get outdoors, to bike, run, or hike, immersing yourself in all that Nature has to offer this time of year. Slowing down for a few minutes, take particular notice of this seasonal transition. Savor the feeling when the wind touches your face and take note of all the colors around you for the landscape as it is now will change once again in a few months to come.

Happy Trails!


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