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Thanks for stopping in!

I'm so glad you're here!  I founded Eat. Run. Do Yoga. Wellness Consulting with an understanding that if we feed our bodies healthy foods, give them daily movement or exercise, and allow some quiet time for inner peace and reflection, we can truly live our best lives!  Healthy foods, running, and yoga have fueled my body and inner soul for many years, hence the name, Eat. Run. Do Yoga. : )  Remember though, that we are all at different stages in figuring out how to achieve optimal wellness, and your path to get there may look different than mine, which is absolutely fine!  My hope is that Eat. Run. Do Yoga  will inspire you to continue achieving your own wellness goals, or maybe even set new ones to make a shift toward healthier living.  Either way.....BE A WARRIOR FOR YOUR HEALTH!  In order to live a healthy tomorrow (and beyond), you must take action today!    

Namaste, Happy Trails, and Healthy Eating!




Kerryn  Story MPH, RD, LD, RYT, A.L.C.

Kerryn is a licensed and registered dietitian, a registered yoga and meditation teacher, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, life-long runner (both recreationally and competitively), mom of 2, 21 year U.S. Army Veteran, and military spouse.  Throughout her military career, she helped service members and their families achieve optimal health and wellness as they navigated everyday busy lifestyles, deployments and field training exercises, along with moving every couple years to often new and different environments.  Over the past several years, Kerryn has deepened her studies of Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda, learning how best to take a whole body approach to health and healing, nourishing not only body but mind and soul as well.  She is honored to share what she's learned here and to continue helping others along their path of nourishment and healing.  She is a WARRIOR  for health!

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