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group sessions

  • iStress to iRest

    • Meditation and mindfulness training to help you de-stress and relax

  • Yoga

    • Learn vinyasa flow yoga for improved flexibility, muscular strength/endurance, and balance

  • Power your Body with Food 

    • Healthy eating, cooking, and meal planning tips to fuel your sport and boost your overall health and BE YOUR HEALTHIEST YOU!



  • Are you looking for a jump start to feeling better, having more energy, or improving your sleep, diet, or exercise routine?  Would you like to learn some new skills you can implement on your own?  Check out the available workshops below.

    • Making Yoga a Daily Practice and More!

      • Have you ever wanted to be able to practice yoga on your own, in the comfort of your personal yoga "studio" right in your home? If so, this workshop won't disappoint!  Learn the skills you need to confidently lead your own yoga practice at home.   

    • Better Sleep without Medicine!

      • So many things happen in our bodies while we sleep!  Did you know that during sleep your brain clears useless information, or that your body metabolizes carbohydrates and cholesterol while off you're in "dreamland"?  Lack of sleep (quality and quantity) can negatively impact your overall well-being.  In this workshop, learn a non-pharmacological approach to improving sleep quality through the practice of iRest.

    • CHEF  Nutrition - Cooking Healthy Eating Fun

      • Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring or tasteless!  Learn how to keep it fun and full of flavor!



Please contact me for more information about Corporate Wellness offerings

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