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Another Winter Hike Completed!

Spring will come soon, but for now, we enjoy these cooler temperatures and some of the best unobstructed views on the trails.

What’s the weather like where you live? Does it seem like the earth is finally starting to wake up from a long winter’s nap?

We’ve had some beautiful days over the last few weeks in our little town, nestled in a valley with the backdrop of the beautiful Blue Mountains all around us. While a brush of cold swooped through the countryside over the past week, leaving a fresh layer of snow in its wake, the sun shines brightly now giving hope for milder weather ahead. In the meantime, we live in every moment, soaking in all of what the earth offers us in each day. And, on this day, the skies were clear, air crisp yet comfortable, and trails calling us to explore.

Our path led us to one of many feeder trails for the Appalachian Trail, and this trail, just as all the others we’ve taken in the area, did not disappoint! We hiked up a moderately steep path to an outcropping of rocks at the top, and I have to say the view was well worth every step we took along the way up! This apex offered the best of views of the Blue Mountains, seemingly way out in a distance, yet so close. I know spring will change this landscape a bit once all of the trees start budding and the leaves grow full. But for now, on this day, we enjoyed this view while opening all of our senses to our experience, taking in every peaceful moment we felt as we hiked, feeling grateful for having landed in this beautiful place, if even only for a short time.

Get Outside and Enjoy!

Where ever you are and whatever the season Mother Earth offers you today, find your way to escape the daily hustle and invite yourself to just ”BE”, outside, in that moment, in that place, noticing the gratitude now filling all the depths within your heart.

Happy Trails!


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