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Winter Running

There’s something about the silence in the air after new fallen snow, or the satisfying crunching of boots or running shoes meeting the earth on the trail that calls me out the door to run, even on the coldest of winter days! To experience the feeling of cool air gently touching my face with each breath in is everything on those days. Since I’ve lived in much milder climates over the past few years, to be back immersed in the coolness of the winter outdoors is something I’m truly treasuring. It took a bit of adjusting for me to get used to running in the cold temperatures again, but I’ve learned that as long as I dress for the weather, whatever it may be that day, I can stay comfortable on a run. Thankfully, I’m quickly acclimating! Not only do I enjoy the cooler temperatures on my winter runs, but I absolutely love watching how the scenery on each of my running routes changes from season to season. The once colorful long line of trees in my favorite park full of bright green from the waning summer or the myriad of warm colors of autumn brilliance, now stands with empty branches decorated in the gray and white hues of winter. On this day and this run, the warm winter sun reflects on the snow cast earth. I’m grateful for that warmth the sun gave to me as I immersed myself into nature’s winter bliss.

Wherever you find yourself during these winter months, keep getting outside. Cozy up in your warm clothes, and head outside to discover your winter bliss. Stay mindful and present in your experience, taking in each of the seasonal changes along your running route.


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