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Top 5 things inspired by running

I remember the day that I knew running was my sport. I was so happy! That day, I finished my very first road race, a short two miles in my hometown to honor Independence Day. I was really young then, in my elementary school years, but something about that race that day lit my running fire. That flame is still burning brightly today. There was nothing special about the race, other than it was my first. I just remember placing in my age group, hearing my name called to the stage to recognize my efforts, and wanting to sign up for the next race as soon as I could! That was the start of many miles of running bliss that brings me to today and sharing some of the things in my life that have been inspired through my running.

1) Creativity - Over the years, I realize that nothing can inspire more creativity in me than a run! I can somehow solve the world's problems on a run! Ok, not really, but it does seem that way sometimes as it allows free thinking to occur where creative ideas seamlessly appear from nowhere. I've learned to always have a way to capture my thoughts after a run (and thanks to modern technology, sometimes even during a run) so I don't lose that creative inspiration!

2) Confidence - The challenges of running competitively: grueling through the last few miles of a race, running up a steep hill along the trail, trudging through mud, water, or rocks on a course, or even braving the cold winter weather to get a training run in for that day, along with so many more, have given me the confidence to know that I can meet any challenges life throws my way.

3) Patience - Great running doesn't occur overnight! It's a journey, a process, that takes time and patience. Along with patience, consistency is key to improving running performance. In order to get better at running or anything else in life, we have to consistently train or put time into it.

4) Humility - In competition, there are good races, and well, some races that don't always go as planned. Having humility allows us to stay positive, accept our imperfections, and train harder for the next competition.

5) Solitude - Running allows for time to be at peace and in sync with our inner solitude. It's a time for connecting with nature and the world around us, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells along the trail as we move forward with each step, mindful of the waking sensations in our bodies and minds.

Be inspired by running today! Grab your shoes, lace up and go out for a run! If you haven't ever run, or haven't done so in a while, it may be challenging, but don't let that stop you! It gets easier with practice, so don't give up. Keep your fire lit!

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