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Texas Snow Day - Run Anyway

Where I live in south central Texas, it’s not too often that you wake up to a blanket of snow just out the door. We had a rare storm for this part of the country, bringing with it freezing temperatures, icy roads, and snow over night. We awoke this morning to a beautiful snow blanket covering the ground. It was so pretty! Believe me, when snow comes to Texas, it’s one of the most exciting times for the kids! As the day began and the sun peaked through the clear blue sky, the bright white snow filled the kids’ room with light and gave them the signal to wake up, much earlier than they would usually wake up on a holiday. When I heard them stir, I was already up and enjoying some quiet time with my camera, taking shots of the snowfall that will go down in history as the Texas Winter Storm of 2021. The white reflection of snow with its morning cast of sun was so bright coming through their bedroom window that it must have peaked their curiosity to see what was going on outside. It was then that I heard the joy and excitement coming from their room, as if it were Christmas Day!

I was already dressed and ready for my run as I’d been outside taking pictures, but it didn’t take long for the kids to get dressed into warm clothes, hats, gloves, and winter jackets and head out the door to touch the snow in all of the glory, amazement, and curiosity within the mind of child. Needless to day, it wasn’t hard to get them interested in getting outdoors today! We grabbed the dogs, leashed them up, and they headed out to explore with us. We ran and walked the neighborhood, enjoying the beauty of nature and all it had to offer us today. We had so much fun and I’m sure we’ll look back on this day in years to come with many smiles and happy memories. I’m so grateful for the opportunity I had today to see the pure enjoyment of life through the eyes of my children on this beautiful snowy south central Texas day! We got a great workout in too. Running through the snow is a workout in and of itself, so workout goal accomplished! Now, it‘s on to find something warm to eat and drink

: ).

Is it snowing where you live? If so, why not head out and be the first to make footprints in the snow? Life’s an adventure, live it to the fullest! : )


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