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Taking Yoga Outdoors

When I have the opportunity, when the weather is just right, I like to take my yoga practice outdoors, whether just outside of my house, in a park, in the mountains, or perhaps on a trip to the shore. I love the connection I feel with nature, the earth, the beautiful scenery around me, the humming of birds or sounds of other wildlife.....everything that’s part of the environment as I practice outdoors. Here, I don’t even need a yoga mat, the foundation that the earth provides is sufficient for a practice.

A gentle yoga flow in nature as a start to my day allows me to feel more at ease with all that life brings my way. The fresh air clears my mind of all the clutter and sets me straight to start a new day with positive energy and peaceful zen.

The mountains, in particular, have a special place in my heart, maybe because I spent the early part of my life in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Anytime I have the opportunity to take a trip to the mountains, I’m all in. It’s one of my favorite places to be. As the saying goes, ”The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go”! can take the girl out of the mountains, but you can‘t take the mountains out of the girl! I’ll escape to the mountains for a yoga practice anytime I can!


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