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Miles of Smiles - it’s all in the shoes!

I’d been wearing my current pair of running shoes for the last eight months and with each run, I was starting to feel their wear and tear. So, it was time to venture out in search of a new favorite running shoe. I’ve been a loyal brand wearer of Brooks for many years and miles and miles of both trails and pavement, even going way back to my days running cross country and track in college. Brooks were one of the shoe brands issued to student athletes at my university, hence the beginning of my love affair with the brand. You can‘t beat their packaging either. I always love opening my new box of Brooks and finding their signature note to, “Run Happy”.

My current favorite in the Brooks line up is the Ghost 13. These shoes are packed with enough cushion and stability for the long haul. So, naturally in my search for new shoes, I drifted towards what I know, Brooks, my running besties. Unfortunatley, however, the store I visited was out of my size in all of the colors of the Ghost 13! Oh no, I guess I’m not the only one who likes the Ghost series! What to do now? Yes, I could have left the store and decided to order something on line, but I had time that day and decided to stay a few minutes and perhaps discover a new favorite. The salesperson helping me was an avid runner and recommended a new brand to me, or at least it was new to me, HOKA. Hmmm.... I thought. I’ve heard of HOKA’s, and even had a friend who swore by them when we lived in Oklahoma, but I’ve never tried them myself. I decided to take a chance on them. Since I prefer a neutral shoe, Rincon 2 was just what I needed, and the store had my size!!! Yay! I laced them up and took them for a quick spin and was in an immediate state of bliss! They were so incredibly comfortable. My feet felt so lightweight, like I was walking on clouds. I couldn’t wait to try them on my run the next day, and of course, that’s what I did. These new beauties took me for five miles of smiles and I’m truly in love. I’ve had a week’s worth of great runs since then, and I‘m still liking them just as much as I did on the first run with them!

I’ll get my die-hard Ghost 13’s soon when they’re in stock again in my size, as I like to rotate my running shoes. But until then, I’ll run happily in my HOKA’s.

Is it time for new running shoes? What’s your favorite brand? There are so many great ones to choose from out there! These are just two of my favorites, but I know there are many others that are a great fit for other runners. Whatever your brand, lace up those shoes and get out for some miles of smiles!


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