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It’s a Matcha Morning

Is it the matcha or mug that draws me to this drink on some cold winter mornings? Truth be told, I think it’s both! I only pull this mug out on the crispiest, coldest days of the year. I love its scene with the dreamy little cabin in the middle of a snowy winter forest. It warms my heart while the drink warms the rest of my body : ). There‘s nothing more comforting on a cold winter morning than a warm drink whether it’s warm water with lemon, warm tea, or a foamy latte.

This morning, my drink of choice was matcha made with warm water and an organic matcha green tea powder. Matcha, by itself without anything added to it, has a relatively neutral yet slightly sweet flavor. For some, the natural organic taste of the matcha is pleasing enough, but others may prefer to add a small amount of a sweetener of choice to increase palatability. Although matcha is made from the same leaf as green tea, the entire leaf is used to make the powder, thus yielding a more concentrated form of green tea rich in antioxidants. Matcha tea is known by many for the health benefits it boasts, such as the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease or helping with weight management in some individuals. Keep in mind, however, that matcha does contain caffeine and should be used in moderation for anyone with a caffeine sensitivity.

To make the best cup of matcha tea, whisk the tea powder into a small pan of hot water or milk on the stovetop. The action of whisking gives the tea a nice foam on top, or you can use a hand held frothing tool for the same effect. Allow the tea to cool until it’s just warm to taste, and not steaming hot, as drinking hot liquids can cause accidental burning and damage to the esophagus.

Matcha tea is not something I drink everyday, but on this cold day it really hit the spot! What’s your favorite warm drink on a cold day? Whatever it may be, grab your favorite mug, pour a warm cup, and enjoy your morning. Maybe even take this time to set your intention for the day. Savor every sip and know that today will be a great day.

Enjoy Your Day!


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