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Joy in the kitchen!

This is one of my all time favorite cookbooks!

I was gifted the 1997 edition shortly after publication and have always used it as a ”go to” for anything and everything yummy! I love its easy to follow, very descriptive recipes, and that I can find just about anything I want to cook here! Last year, a new version was published so I bought it since I love my previous edition so much. It did not disappoint! This 2019 version has been revised and updated with all of my favorite recipes, plus many more. It also contains tips and menus for entertaining guests, sections on cocktails, wine and beer, appetizers and hours d’oeuvres, ice cream and frozen desserts (my kids love this section as we make our own ice cream!), canning, cooking methods, pickling, learning about ingredients, and much more! Why not get your copy today? I promise it will bring “joy” to your time spent in the kitchen, and you’ll likely learn how to spice up some of your favorite recipes to make them a bit more enjoyable and flavorful!


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