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Family Fitness

I love when fitness events show up literally at my back door! This particular race, The Devil Dog Run, was locally sponsored and offered race distances for everyone in the family, from a one mile fun run for the kids to a half-marathon for the more daring adults : ). A big thanks to the mighty Marines for hosting and putting on such a great event. Everyone, from the kids, to the adults, and even the race organizers had fun that day!

As I reflect back on this particular event and its focus around family fitness, it's just a good reminder to us all to continuously seek ways that we can enjoy fitness as a family. Here are some of my thoughts on how to do this:

1) Find a local event in your community - Just as I did with the Devil Dog Run, check within your local area for similar events that are happening in your own backyard! There are races occurring everywhere on almost any given weekend (or sometimes weekdays) throughout the year. Find one close to you and sign up. Include your whole family in the event. Don't necessarily worry about winning the race or even trying to place, just go out and enjoy the run and time spent with your family, everyone together working on their fitness!

2) Walk or Ride your bike - When it's feasible, consider walking or riding your bike to your destination. Are you headed out to the neighborhood park? Can you walk or ride your bike there instead of taking the car? Do you need a few items at the grocery store just down the street? Why not put a basket on your bike and place the grocery bags there instead of taking the car? Can you make getting to school a family fitness event, either by walking or riding your bikes? Just some things to consider to help your family get in a few more minutes of fitness throughout the day.

3) Visit the playground - Make it a habit of taking your kids to the playground as often as you can. If the playground is in the neighborhood, consider walking there as a family. Once there, join the kids in play! Try to resist the temptation to use that time to catch up on social media!

4) Host fitness oriented parties - If it's birthday time, consider a backyard party complete with games such as volleyball, kickball, badminton, or cornhole! Make it fun, yet active. Or, if you're looking for an active venue outside of your home, consider a pool party, rock climbing wall party, or just a party in a local park with a playground and other fitness amenities.

5) Time to play - Always leave time in your day to just play! Have fun as a family using any fitness activities that fulfill your soul! Kids have no problem playing, in fact I would venture to say they are made to play, but adults sometimes forget how to play and just have fun with fitness. Getting and staying fit doesn't have to be a chore! Have fun with it!


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