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Be Inspired and Be Well

Is there just something about your yoga practice that makes you feel alive, free, and full of creative energy? If so, it's not just an imagined feeling. There is actual science behind it. As your body flows in and out of each pose, the energy centers, or chakras, open up allowing increased circulation of both blood and breath throughout your body. This increase of blood flow and breath has an amazing effect on the heart and brain thus lending to greater mental clarity and creative expression.

Being well goes beyond the physical aspects of health. I founded Eat Run Do Yoga Wellness Consulting on the premise that being well encompasses more than just the food we eat and the exercise we do on a daily basis to feel and be at our best. Being well is living an inspired life, embracing our inner creative fire, and manifesting our dreams. As you reflect on your own practice of yoga, how has it helped ignite your creativity or perhaps given you the confidence to chase after your biggest dreams?

As I transitioned career paths from military to civilian life, I took a lot of time to reflect on the things that were most important to me as I made decisions on what steps to take next in my professional life. I practiced yoga everyday to help with my mental clarity. I knew I wanted to continue working in wellness, but I also had this creative side literally burning inside me. There were so many projects I wanted to complete or get started that I just didn't have the time to dedicate to previously. I'm so grateful for the career path I've chosen in that I can combine wellness with creative inspiration!

I try to take a little time each day to create something new, whatever that may be. It's so much fun seeing a creation come to life and I never know how or when I'll be inspired by a new project. I've met many friends along my journey who have also creatively inspired me as well, one of whom recently taught me the art of Japanese Origami. I learned how to make tiny designs out of itsy bitsy pieces of paper and then transform them into beautiful pieces of wearable art. With this new creative passion, I realized I had found something that gave me so much satisfaction, without even having any expectations of what the paper would eventually become. Who would have thought? But, it was an activity in which I always had to be in the present moment or I would inadvertently miss a fold! In this way, it was very similar to my all too familiar yoga practice of coming to the mat without any expectations and staying in the present moment throughout the practice.

Whatever they may be at the time, my projects keep me centered, grounded, and able to show up as my best self each day with the capacity to help others achieve wellness. Check out some of my latest creations here.

What is your creative passion? What activities light your inner fire? Whatever they may be, embrace them. Meditate on them. Make them come to life. Live your best creative life!

Be Inspired and Be Well!


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