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ConquerMeal Planning 

...Like a PRO

Let's face it, we live BUSY lives! It's hard enough to get a daily workout in, let alone plan and cook healthy meals for your family EVERYDAY!


So, you know what "healthy" looks like when it comes to meal planning, but oh.....the stress that comes with figuring out the plan, making a grocery list, shopping, and then remembering why you bought the foods you did as you prepare your meals each day!  Or, maybe you just create a shopping list on a whim as you navigate through the grocery store (been there, done that!)


There HAS to be a simpler way, right?  Isn't there a better method to meal planning that keeps you on schedule according to your plan, using all the food you bought, thus reducing food waste, and saving money?  


Well, I'm here to tell you that, YES, there is an easier way.....

Let's work 1:1 to identify your biggest stressors when it comes to meal planning, and tackle them head on.  I'll share some simple solutions and shortcuts I've learned along my journey as a nutrition professional helping military families for 20+ years. You'll leave with: a personalized meal plan with foods that WORK for YOU and YOUR FAMILY, custom grocery lists and meal prep guides making shopping and preparation a breeze! And, be assured that your plan will fuel your fitness and meet all of your nutritional needs!  

I can't wait to simplify meal planning for you and help you jump-start your journey to becoming your healthiest YOU! 


**All services are offered using a virtual platform from the comfort of your home! ** 

Body-Mind Balance

Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness

Think of yoga as a gift to both the body and the mind. It fosters connection, a balance between our bodies within and our bodies in space.  Through our practice we gain an internal, intra-personal connection of body and mind like no other. With yoga, we use breath and movement to bring balance to all of our muscle groups, to enhance our strength, and to improve our mental sharpness. 

Are you curious how yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can help your reach your wellness goals? 


Have you ever wanted to try yoga as part of your "at home" fitness routine, but didn't know where to start?  

Maybe you've heard how meditation and mindfulness can help with sleep, stress reduction, and relaxation but haven't yet made it part of your daily routine. 

Let's work 1:1 to build a sound health routine for you incorporating the practices and principles of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.  These practices help create positive change in your mind.  Know that positive changes add up, just like the negative ones, so your practice over time can help you hone in on your goals and become your healthiest YOU!

I'm so excited to help you begin this journey discovering the many benefits of a body-mind practice!  

**All services are offered using a virtual platform from the comfort of your home!** 

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